Never has it been a better time to visit Fergus, Ontario. The fall colours of northern Ontario are a sight like no other. One of the most spectacular sites is the incredible Elora Gorge. The Gorge is just a short walk from downtown Elora which is only a 10 minute drive from Fergus. Take a walk over to Lover’s Leap located in Victoria Park and you’ll be able to gaze at the wonder of the Gorge. The Elora Gorge Lookout located inside the gorge provides wonderful views of the river. This location is perfect for proposing to a loved one or taking a day trip.

Elora Zipline

Ziplining Over The Gorge

If you are looking for something a little more daring you can try out the Elora SkyRider Zipline for only $34. This experience will stay with you forever as you cannot beat the views of the gorge as you sail across the sky with the river underneath you.

Victoria Park

The Trail

We have to say our favorite thing is coming in the fall and walking the Elora Gorge Trail. You can access the trail through the entrance of Victoria Park. You won’t be disappointed, the colors are incredible.This beautiful trail has many scenic views and links to other traditional trails along the Irvine river, at the junction of the Irvine and the Grand rivers.

swimming hole Elora Gorge

The Swimming Hole

Once you are there take a look at the merging waters or both the Grand and Irvine rivers. But be careful that’s an 80 foot drop below. For those visiting in the hot summer months and need a cool down just take the stone steps to the river. If you are looking for even calmer waters the nearby “swimming hole” is located at the Elora Quarry Conservation Area. Looking up while wading in the waters you can see the 12 meter high cliffs surrounding you.

Tubing Elora Gorge

Tubing on the River

While the river is a beautiful sight to behold it’s also attractive to adventurers, seeking a wild ride. During the summer months you can go tubing down the river. The fast moving white water rapids offering those up to the challenge a real treat. But remember we warned this is not for the faint of heart. For more information on tubing have a look at Grand River Website.


There’s so many things to do at the Elora Gorge, so if you are looking for fishing, hiking, tubing, kayaking or just sight-seeing there’s something for everyone. Great for family day trips or spend a few days at a hotel to give yourself time to take in as much as you can. If you are looking for something in the area there’s a fantastic Best Western located in nearby Fergus Ontario. These beautiful scenic towns are located just north of Toronto and are a perfect addition to any road trip itinerary.  

It’s very easy to get to Elora Gorge from Toronto by bus if that’s your prefered method. The Park Bus makes it easy to get there and to other great parks in Ontario.

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The Elora Gorge - A wonderful Secret